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This site is dedicated to the activities of the Roeschlein family, most of whom currently reside in Minnesota, with a few exceptions. The site will be maintained by Mitch Roeschlein and Ryan Anderson. If you have something you wish to contribute or want to see included, drop us a line.

One of the main features of this site is our web-based wishlist application, which will basically function like the gift registry at Target. For as long as the webmasters can remember, we have been exchanging paper hardcopy wishlists so we know what to get each other for Christmas. Well, in 1999, we started publising the static lists online, and in 2003, we made it dynamic and added a bunch of functionality.

Another idea we have is to start an online family tree. Although, there are lots of existing websites that do this, so we may not put the energy into writing our own code.

Keep in touch, and keep checking the site...changes are afoot!